WorkshopBank adds zero commission on to the cost of a project. We run this as a free service because we want to lower the barrier of access to high-quality facilitators as much as possible.  

What Does That Mean For Project Managers?

You agree a final cost of your project with the consultant in advance and you deal directly with them for invoicing. When it's complete the consultant will invoice you.

Sometimes the scope can change during a project. If that happens and you would like your consultant to take on more, or less, then you agree that with them by making a note of that on your Proposal as a comment.

Are there any costs for Consultants?

There are no project costs for consultants. Whatever rate you agree with the Project Manager you keep the full amount.

There is a small admin cost to be an 'Authorized Consultant' on the platform. You need to be authorized to be able to make proposals on projects.

We charge a membership fee because we have found it means only serious consultants apply to join.

You can join on a yearly plan. Currently the yearly plan costs $299. Your price will never increase as long as you remain a member.

If you're an experienced consultant who would like to join our network please send an email to

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